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Week 4 Reflections, Experiential Learning: EVO 2017

Week 4 Reflections, Experiential Learning: EVO 2017.

Weekly reflection: How can I integrate Loop input into a course I teach?

Tessa Woodward states: ‘Loop input is a specific type of experiential learning teacher training process that involves an alignment of the process and context learning.’

To my mind, the main idea of loop input is to integrate the learning content into the canvas of classroom tasks. To be productive the learning process should be based on students’ awareness of not only the materials provided, but of the activities, techniques, procedures built on the knowledge fundamentals.

Loop input is a creative bridge between what students are trying to learn and how they are acquiring their knowledge.

To implement the loop input idea we should strongly understand that our core task is to create the link between the topic we select to teach and the way we plan to perform this teaching procedure. Aftermath reflection and analysis will help teachers to make some conclusions, and find out what they did was actually the content  aimed to be learnt.

Hence while experiencing loop input teachers experience the role of students, and at the same time teachers coin their own teaching model of this or that educative topic they want to teach their students. Moreover, loop input sessions/modules help to stay energized and let us, teachers, improvise and create our own way of lesson conduction in the end.

Let me try to represent the relation between content and process fortified by Loop input in the way I discover it in my mind:

You can see the Venn diagram where Circle #1 is Context-Content and Circle #2 is Process. Their common sphere is named by parts of words: Text, Tent and Pro.


With the critical thinking and flow of imagination allowance, I suppose to consider the main idea of the Loop input as some content à la TEXT (be that a grammatical structure or anything else) tends to become PROactive when finds itself in a live PROcess, and hence turns out to be the very process itself, expressing the essence of the data necessary to conduct this process.

Loop input is a very useful tool in teacher training courses, and I consider it extremely amazing in experiential learning.

Warm regards,

Anastasiia Gubarenko



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