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Week_1 Testimony on TPD

I would like to share my thoughts on 1st Week of TPD course 2017.


How do I improve my pronunciation? Well, I have been working hard since I remember myself. There are so many methods and techniques to do that. Here I desire to learn more. To become better at pronunciation learning and teaching I need to be a sample for my Students, hence I am learning, practicing and performing a great bulk of tongue-twisters. I know a lot of them by heart, and many more are to be learnt and improved.

My core task is to enrich my Tongue twisters list on many topics: for instance, on my Facebook profile I have two lists: 1) 50 Best Tongue Twisters, 2) 43 Xmas Tongue-twisters.

I am constantly polishing them using videos and pronouncing daily. Honestly speaking, I do not possess so many tongue twisters in my native language suitcase like I have in my English data folder.

Secondly, nowadays I am so concerned about various accents, and I do understand I need to be aware of many variants, moreover, I feel like listening to them from time to time. Meanwhile, I am working hard on saving, and keeping on improving my pure standard BrEn (of course I am not Brit, and won’t become), but to master the purity is my key task to sound better.

Third, audio-books are challenging because you need to be focused and concentrated not to lose grip. Proverbs, poems, Shakespeare’s sonnets are really useful to listen and recite.

Fourth, I am trying to use educational recourses such as Ted videos. I am impressed with Nature is speaking and I suggest it as a useful material for pronunciation teaching where you have a nice opportunity to enjoy various accents and nature in its beauty.

These are precise directions to actions!





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