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Week_1 My reflections on Teaching Listening

The 1st week of EVO 2017: Teaching Listening is almost done. At this course we were suggested to write our reflections based on reading, discussions and personal investigation.



This given Reading list I find amazingly useful:

  1. Metacognitive Awareness and Second language Listeners by Christine Goh
  2. Shadowing: a useful technique for autonomous practice of listening and speaking
  3.     Autonomous listening skill development: activity 1 How do I help learner get beyond “just” listening?
  4.  Autonomous listening skill development (2) – Dictations

The task was to create your own Autonomous listening log. The document is still under edition as I am constantly investigating the stated issue and rectifying the material. The key point I have noticed is that our direct teacher’s duty is to provide our students with step-by-step instructions. The well-explained procedure is the desirable earnest of success. You can see the outcome of the 1st procedure where written instructions were short, and oral ones were of pedestrain style. At the current moment you can observe the refreshed version of listening procedure instructions that are opposite the previous version. I am sure such a detailed scenario will benefit, and students will be able to do everything correctly.

I am deeply fascinated with the idea of Listening diary because I consider it pedagogically useful; it evokes self-study, motivation and desire to do more.

According to the opinion of the Student 1 this task motivates, and gives the impulse to study and improve listening skills. Student 1 states that he is on his way with the second listening diary already. Student 2 also mentions the practicability of this technique. It is necessary to underline here that these two students are bright and always open to experiments.

According to Wenden it is essential to develop metacognitive knowledge among students, i.e. 1) person knowledge, 2) task knowledge, 3) strategic knowledge. I support the idea of awareness development that intensifies language learning.

These are my short reflections on the Week 1 outcomes.

I look forward to the next week to discover more about teaching listening.


Anastasiia Gubarenko



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