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Week 1_ Weekly Reflection:What kind of a learner am I?

The 1st week of Experiential Learning: EVO 2017 (https://app.schoology.com) is almost over.

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We were suggested to write our reflections based on reading and passing two tests:

  1. What’s Your Learning Style? 
  2. Multiple Intelligences Assessment 

According to the Learning style test I have got the following scores:

Auditory: 40%

Visual: 40%

Tactile: 20%

I do agree with the results as I perceive information mostly visually and by means of listening, both scores are 40% (to admit, though, I need improve myself further), my tactile sphere is not well developed – 20%.

Cards, flashcards, schemes, mind-maps, tables, notes, visual objects, maps help me much while learning. Nowadays I am strongly interested in improving my listening skills, though I keep on developing other skills all the time. Anyway, the fact that I have a good ear, perhaps, does benefit much in terms of decoding information.
What techniques concern, I am trying to collect, process and facilitate them while learning or teaching. It’s obvious I need to increase my kinesthetic approach more – to launch some charts cutting, for instance. As a very emotional person, I cheerfully express myself; my teaching and my own learning process look alive, vivid and full of motion. I support the idea of multi-sensory learning and I have started applying some key moments this week already.

This test was given to some of my students, and they eagerly replied, discussed and felt so fascinated about that. The results are various and give me an opportunity and data to refresh our SMART plans with updated strategies in language learning. I am sure I will get more results next week!

To be continued…


I love Gardner’s idea of multiple intelligences and agree that human beings are born talented and full of capacities, abilities and inclinations. Well, according to the test: I am 100% naturalist. I think it is quite objective, because I am fascinated with nature, it inspires, heals and energizes me. It is easy for me to imagine or restore some picture concerning nature. Nature is ME as I have mentioned that in my Intro. People feel themselves but they do not know themselves completely.

The Linguist (92%) in me comes after the naturalist. I think in words and there’s some hidden link to the World of Words in me.

Then INTERpersonal (88%) goes: I have been teaching for 16 years already, and I do love working hard to help my students believe in themselves and each their goals.

INTRApersonal (81%) is the synonym to self-discipline for me. Musical intelligence (75%) triggers every notes of my soul to gain success in language learning. Visual-spatial (58%), Logical-Mathematical (50%) and Bodily-kinesthetic (50%) are only on the half way of development. I would like to increase my logical-mathematical skills.

To sum up, we have to work hard to develop ourselves. As a lifelong language learner I embrace my drawbacks and I am here to work out new strategies how to improve my teaching approach.

I am thankful to  moderators for sharing amazing food for thoughts!

Much respect,

Anastasiia Gubarenko



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