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Week 3 Reflections, Experiential Learning: EVO 2017

What kind of a teacher am I? What are my teaching practices and how do they affect my students? To begin with, it is essential for me to go deeper and reflect myself and my teaching practices. What is reflection itself? I have found a couple of definitions on the web: Confucius said, ‘By three … Читать далее

Week 2, Experiential Learning: EVO 2017

Weekly reflection: What is experiential teaching and how can it be implemented in EFL/ESL teacher programs? My Week 2, Experiential Learning: EVO 2017 is over. I am happy to share my reflections on the given question and tasks. Aristotle wrote in the Nichomachean Ethics «for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn … Читать далее

Week_1 Testimony on TPD

I would like to share my thoughts on 1st Week of TPD course 2017. (Image) How do I improve my pronunciation? Well, I have been working hard since I remember myself. There are so many methods and techniques to do that. Here I desire to learn more. To become better at pronunciation learning and teaching I … Читать далее

Week_1 My reflections on Teaching Listening

The 1st week of EVO 2017: Teaching Listening is almost done. At this course we were suggested to write our reflections based on reading, discussions and personal investigation. (Image) This given Reading list I find amazingly useful: Metacognitive Awareness and Second language Listeners by Christine Goh Shadowing: a useful technique for autonomous practice of listening … Читать далее

Week 1_ Weekly Reflection:What kind of a learner am I?

The 1st week of Experiential Learning: EVO 2017 (https://app.schoology.com) is almost over.  (Image) We were suggested to write our reflections based on reading and passing two tests: What’s Your Learning Style?  Multiple Intelligences Assessment  According to the Learning style test I have got the following scores: Auditory: 40% Visual: 40% Tactile: 20% I do agree with the … Читать далее